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  • Why can’t I get into a relationship?

    Have your friends started pairing off, leaving you the last man standing? Are you frustrated by your ability to succeed at work but not at romance? You may have been happily single before, but now that you can’t get into a relationship when you want to, you might find yourself feeling isolated, lonely, or frustrated.… [more]

    Why can’t I get into a relationship?
  • Help your blended family thrive

    Setting up your blended family for success takes time and a lot of effort. Even the best of us struggle with creating a balanced loving home where all family members are comfortable. The transition affects each of us differently, whether aged eight months or eighteen, and each family member, including you, will need support. Whether… [more]

    Help your blended family thrive
  • Baby can’t sleep through the night

    Are you an exhausted parent? Exhausted moms and dads are all struggling with their children’s sleep habits. One of the biggest challenges in early parenthood that causes parents to feel exhausted, frustrated, and isolated, is when their child or baby can’t sleep through the night. If you feel that you have no energy left to… [more]

    Baby can’t sleep through the night

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online appointments for couples counseling

Teresa Petersen Mendoza offers accessible online counseling appointments. You can book online appointments for the time that works for you. Online appointments are available for marriage counseling, … [more]

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No matter what your life status - single, married, divorced, blending families - I'm here to help. In therapy, you can expect to get help setting goals and actively achieving solutions. Parenting … [more]