Teresa is highlighted as a Dating Relationship expert!

Question:  Vulnerability vs Needy - How to be vulnerable without being needy Teresa's Answer: We live in a very individualized world where independence and self-sufficiency is prized… especially when dating. Unfortunately, that means that we avoid vulnerability and don’t learn how to show our … [Read more...]

Moving in Together?

So you are considering living together? Sharing a home? Picking out furniture? This can be fun, and bring a new level of intimacy to your relationship. I suggest clients consider four important questions prior to cohabitation. 1. Do either of you have children? If you or your partner have … [Read more...]

Test yourself with this quiz: Is my relationship healthy?

Are you asking yourself, "Is my relationship healthy"? Take this quiz to get a better feel for the health of your relationship. If you receive a low score on this quiz, it is worth considering getting help. … [Read more...]

Dating Tips for Women: Expert Interview with How To Win A Man’s Heart

Interview with Teresa Petersen Mendoza Originally Published on the  How to Win A Man's Heart Website 1. Can too much honesty negatively affect a relationship especially when you have just started seeing the other person? How much of the past and even the present should you reveal to the man you … [Read more...]

Why can’t I get into a relationship?

Have your friends started pairing off, leaving you the last man standing? Are you frustrated by your ability to succeed at work but not at romance? You may have been happily single before, but now that you can't get into a relationship when you want to, you might find yourself feeling isolated, … [Read more...]

Dating help

These days dating can feel like a full-time job. Whether you are a dating veteran, new to the dating world or re-starting your dating life after being out of the pool, let me help you fine tune your skills. Why use a therapist as a dating coach? Clarify what you want out of the dating … [Read more...]

Spring Clean Your Relationships

With all of the Snow White themed movies coming out recently, I am reminded of the original Disney version. Snow White seemed so happy to sing and sweep in that little cottage. These days, cleaning is less of a glorious task and more of a necessity, concentrated mostly in the spring/summer.   As … [Read more...]

What is “Having It All?”

 Many of you have heard about the July/August 2012 article in The Atlantic entitled, “Women Still Can’t Have It All.” Anne-Marie Slaughter has a great point. Women can’t have the perfect home, perfect kids, be the perfect mother and have the perfect career. However, neither can men. Idealism aside, … [Read more...]