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5 Marriage Lessons I Learned From My Toddler

I may be a family and relationship expert, but I am not always the best wife. I noticed recently that I was so wrapped up in my other roles that I wasn’t paying as much attention to my marriage as I should have been. My husband is myKiss best friend, but if I don’t focus on him more that could change. The funny thing is, that I am reminded of that so often by my role as parent. Our son, Cooper, is an active, happy toddler and we all love him desperately.

Watching him learn about life has taught me 5 key lessons.

1. You can run but you can’t hide.

You know your child is a good runner when other moms watch him and say, “Wow, your son is fast!” What he isn’t good at is hiding. [Read more…]

Test yourself with this quiz: Is my relationship healthy?

Is my relationship healthy? Take this relationship quiz to find out. We can help your relationship with couples counseling in Geneva, IL.Are you asking yourself, “Is my relationship healthy”? Take this quiz to get a better feel for the health of your relationship. If you receive a low score on this quiz, it is worth considering getting help.

Is my relationship healthy?

Take this quiz to see if your relationship is healthy. If you receive a low score on this quiz, it is worth considering getting help.

Relationship Coaching

Teresa is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) based in Geneva, IL

Did you used to “get each other”? Did you used to feel happy around each other? Learn how to rekindle those feelings.

Let me help you maintain the positive aspects of your relationship and deepen your understanding of each other by enhancing your emotional intelligence. Using the most up-to-date research on couples, we can work together to ensure your happiness and emotional resilience for years to come. Teresa is a marriage friendly coach.

Does your relationship need help?

If you describe your relationship with one or more of these phrases, consider calling Teresa for relationship coaching. [Read more…]

Spring Clean Your Relationships

Provided by Teresa in January 2014. Teresa assures that this image came from Microsoft Clip Art. This image was used in the old blog
With all of the Snow White themed movies coming out recently, I am reminded of the original Disney version. Snow White seemed so happy to sing and sweep in that little cottage. These days, cleaning is less of a glorious task and more of a necessity, concentrated mostly in the spring/summer.
As the weather is warming, the kids are fleeing from school and you’re steadily overwhelmed by thoughts of vacation and juggling work-life needs, don’t forget the following tips to clean out your
relationships… [Read more…]