A Criticism-Free Home: Bringing Happiness Back

This morning on Good Morning America, I saw a segment about a mother who stopped criticizing her children and focused on positive reinforcement. Some people may think, “Duh!” But step back and think about the way you parent. I believe this idea really is groundbreaking for some because criticism is … [Read more...]

We’re Not Dysfunctional, We’re Family! Happiness, Conflict & Today’s Family

When working with my nuclear families as well as my blended-family and divorced clients with binuclear families, I sometimes find myself saying, “You're not dysfunctional. Of course you don’t get along, you’re a family!” In this age of instant gratification, we seem to be under the impression that … [Read more...]

Value-Based Parenting: Family Values for a Lifetime

We have all heard our children say, “Why?” When given a directive. The normal response? “Because I said so!” This exchange usually leads to frustration for both parents and children. What if there was another way? What if you could link behaviors and choices back to the values of your family? … [Read more...]

My kids don’t listen, my family is out of control

Do you feel that your kids don't listen to you? Do your kids just ignore the rules in the family? With help from Teresa, you can turn your family life around. What can you get out of parental counseling with Teresa? In counseling with Teresa, you will learn how to regain your parental authority. … [Read more...]

Baby can’t sleep through the night

Are you an exhausted parent? Exhausted moms and dads are all struggling with their children's sleep habits. One of the biggest challenges in early parenthood that causes parents to feel exhausted, frustrated, and isolated, is when their child or baby can't sleep through the night. If you feel that … [Read more...]

Late Teens and the Confused Parent

It’s hard to see your teen dealing with the social, physical, and emotional transitions that occur during adolescence. And it’s not any easier for a parent of a teen. Last night, I ran into a friend who asked about how to help her 19 year old get over a breakup. When you nurture and love a child … [Read more...]

Anxiety, Depression and the Everyday Mom

There has recently been an upswing in publicity around mothers who admit to taking anxiety and depression medication to cope with the stress of being a mother. I understand that most people who aren't mental health professionals would be quick to judge a statement such as, “Medication makes me a … [Read more...]

Difficult Conversations With Your Parents

As children we usually cannot wait for our own home, our own life and our own rules. For some of us, no sooner is that goal reached, and another issue arises that we never anticipated… aging parents. As time goes on, you may find things that concern you about your parents’ lives. Perhaps they are … [Read more...]

Talking About Tragedy

Has your TV been on since Friday’s tragic events? Mine was. Over and over I heard the question, “How do we talk to our children about these events?” Unfortunately, I did not hear the experts answer the question. Therefore, I thought I would provide some recommendations. … [Read more...]

What is “Having It All?”

 Many of you have heard about the July/August 2012 article in The Atlantic entitled, “Women Still Can’t Have It All.” Anne-Marie Slaughter has a great point. Women can’t have the perfect home, perfect kids, be the perfect mother and have the perfect career. However, neither can men. Idealism aside, … [Read more...]